Lo-Fi hosts local, national and international live bands and DJ’s. There are 2 rooms, 2 bars, both with separate sound systems. There is also a small room adjacent to the front bar which has cozy seating and a few vintage arcade games.

Here is what some are saying about us.

“One of my favorite places in Seattle to go and party at.
Something about this space for electronic music nights
really sets this place off for me. Usually two rooms of music
packed full of people dancing their asses off. I think what
I’ve really liked about it is the crowd though. Something about
the location keeps the hipsters away and fills the place with
people who actually dance rather than stare. Bar service as always
been good to me as well. As mentioned before though, the bathrooms
are kind of weird though but other than that I’ve enjoyed every
minute I’ve spent here.”

Adrian R.
Bremerton, WA

“Looking for a Low-key, underground spot to enjoy hip hop
music on a Tuesday night??? Well look no further, Lo-Fi is
the place to be. I love Tuesday nights here because an on
looker will find an array of the Elements of Hip-Hop.
Don’t be shyed away upon first entering this establishment.
It looks small but after grabbing yourself a “$7 special”
(Tallboy PBR and a shot of whiskey) you will find yourself
walking down long dark hallway that suprisingly opens up to a
large dancefloor with a balcony that overlooks the action.
(Not to mention agorgeous view of the Space Needle)

Dj’s spin their favorite mixes, while B-Boys and B-Girls
impress or test their favorite moves. If you are a lyrisist
or simply enjoy it, the stage is open for mic checks and
spit sessions. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes,
regardless of your ability to break it down the energy
and beats will have you moving and bouncing.

All of the staff are nice and appreciate the art!
Leave your mark in the bathrooms on the chalk boards and
Don’t forget to walk down the stairs outside and check
out the Graffiti wall in the parking lot.

2 thumbs WAY UP!!”

Kim H.
Seattle, WA


“i do enjoy soul night! i think this is a better place to go dancing than
most just for the different theme nights and the mix of people that come
here. its a great  place to go if you want to avoid  pioneer sq or capitol hill
but still would like to be around a bunch of people in club setting.”

Megan D.
Seattle, WA


“Lo-fi = love-fi.

Soul night is hands down the best night of every month. Awesome music,
two dance floors and two bars in two different rooms, and people
ACTUALLY DANCE. Don’t come here if you’re just trying to mack on the
opposite sex. Don’t come here if you don’t dance.
Don’t come here if you’re expecting stiff drinks (sorry, pre-game somewhere else).
Don’t come here if you’re going to be judgmental or self conscious.
Come here to dance and expect to dance A LOT.

Also: PHOTOBOOTH! Bonus points. As if they need those.”

Lisa N.
Seattle, WA